Tuesday, June 21, 2011

J.T. Dockery Sells Out

by J.T. Dockery

Step right up, step right up. Well, friends, we heard that maybe you'd been spud crazy, that maybe you've been speaking in tongues and just don't know how to illustrate it. Well, friends, don't fret, cause we here at Doc HQ have just the deal to beat the heat and save a dime just in time before all time ends.

That's right. What you heard were not lies...for a limited moment in history, the here and that was then and this is now you can purchase both J.T. Dockery's underground art comix object, In Tongues Illustrated, and his collaboration with writer Nick Tosches (published by Institute 193, with an intro and a foreward by Richard Hell and Bob Levin, respectively), Spud Crazy. For the one low price, and we're not making this up: 30 American dollars.

And what say you there? You already purchased one of those tomes? Well, what the heck. Doc is gonna sell each individually for 20 and will toss in a modest original sketch to sweeten the deal. Ain't he nice?

What's that again? You already bought both tomes previously at full price? Well, friends, we can only say we sure do appreciate you supporting the cause to which we are all so dearly devoted. If ya feel short-changed, drop the man a line...I'm sure he'd lay some original art on ya for a decent price because he's a decent guy. Trust us on that point. Just email him.

Yes, fiends, Romans & cunt-ry men: we're talking about J.T. Dockery's summer of 2011 End Times sale.

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