Saturday, June 4, 2011

Before the Kiss, A Redcap

by J.S. Holland

You'd think I would have learned my lesson after the gross-out smoke that was Prince Albert, but no. I had to make one more stab into low-budget tobaccos with Red Cap Blend No.7 - partially because I was suckered in by the old-timey graphics depicting a jockey and racehorse, but mainly because it cost only $1.50 and I just had to see what the heck that was about.

Now I know: it tastes like someone took ordinary mundane cigarette tobacco and sprayed a little perfume on it. There's supposed to be sugar-cased Cavendish in the mix here, but I sure don't taste it. You get a sweet bouquet when you open the pouch, but it doesn't translate to the taste. Ugh. Carry me back to old Carter Hall, please.

I'm hard-pressed to choose which is more repugnant - this, or Prince Albert. They're equally distasteful, but at least Red Cap is super cheap. Since this is "Blend No.7", perhaps Red Cap offers other varieties that might be better? Apparently not - as far as I can tell, they only manufacture the plain "Regular" and the aromatic "Blend No.7". If there once were others, they are no longer extant.

Okay, I really, really mean it this time - no more cheapo lower-shelf junk. From here the only way out is up.

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