Friday, June 17, 2011

Crack the Whip

by J.S. Holland

It's just one of those days where I feel like sitting around watching Luis Bunuel movies and drinking whipped cream flavored vodka. Just is.

I don't normally go in for the "flavored vodka" routine. All those multiplicities of variety that Absolut offers, for example, leaves me cold. But Absolut is pricey, and I got this Pinnacle on sale; I expected very little of Pinnacle and so was pleasantly surprised when I found it perfectly palatable as is, and not as a mere mixer. I've been sipping shots of it all day strictly on its own merits. I know should probably cook up some sort of crazy Ohio Riverwater Fizz-like concoction with it for my cocktail blog, but for now I'm content drinking it straight, no junk in it.

Pinnacle comes from the fine folks at White Rock Distilleries, who also brought the world exciting products like Sweet Carolina (a southern sweet tea flavored vodka) and Cherry Jack rum. Pinnacle's actually a relatively high-end item, quadruple distilled from French wheat from the Brie region and French spring water. á votre santé!

But now, the JSH Plantation Bunuel Film Festival is over, and it's time to set about watching The Ninth Configuration over and over for the remains of the night. I bid you adieu, my lovelies, and remember: if you're out tonight, on your bike, wear white. Evening, all.

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